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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 8, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> kim davis is free. >> o'donnell: the clerk who refused to givemarriage licenses to same-sex couples is released from jail with a warning, but will she heed it? also tonight, sabotage at sea, who we caught stopping a boat load of desperate refugees, including children, from reaching safety. the pope makes it easier to get an annulment. and opening night for stephen colbert. is he nervous? >> if i don't get a little bit nervous, then i'm not trying. i should be sweating a little bit by the the time it's over. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> o'donnell: good evening, scott is on assignment. i'm norah o'donnell. few americans had ever heard of rowan county, kentucky, much
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less the county cerk until she deified court orders to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples. today the federal judge who sent kim davis to jail for five days set her free but he warned her not to interfere with her deputies as they issue those licenses. what will she do? jericka duncan is in grayson, kentucky. >> would you please help me welcome to the stage kim davis. >> reporter: a crowd more than 3,000 strong waited to hear these words-- >> thank you all so much. i just want to give god the glory. his people have rally have rallu are a strong people. >> reporter: at times davis' release was similar to a campaign rally, complete with g.o.p. presidential candidate mike huckabee. he offered to spend the next eight years in jail to defend
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religious liberty. >> but if you have to put someone in jail, i volunteer to go. let me go. >> reporter: davis plans to return to work this week with the same2. dilemma she left. her deputy clerks have been issuing marriage licenses in her absence. her attorney mat staver: >> the court order did not resolve the underlying issue, and that issue is kim davis has asked for a very simple accommodation-- remove her name and her authority from the marriage certificates. >> reporter: democrat governor ben granucci has been heavily criticized since dwaifs was incarcerated. he had this to say today during a radio interview. >> while they are free as individuals to have their own views and have every right to, they don't have the right to bring those views into their office and deny people under the law of whatever they're supposed to be doing. >> reporter: there was also another voice represented in this crowd. >> i think that people like dim case of should just do her job.
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>> reporter: when asked if going to jail was worth tkim davis' response, just like her actions said it all. >> reporter: it was worth it, yes or no? >> reporter: tonight, there are still questions lingering about whether those marriage licenses issued by deputy clerks are valid. norah, we spoke with the attorney general for kentucky, and he says he believes they are. >> o'donnell: all right, jericka, thank you so much. tonight, holly williams has a remarkable story of a migrant family's quest for a new life in europe. they are among many thousands who have attempted the long and dangerous trip by land and by sea. today, their voyage nearly ended in tragedy when they were sabotaged by boats from greece. >> reporter: just off the turkish coast this morning, 40 syrians were crammed on a rubber dinghy. desperate to reach europe. on board was tanya ibrahim, a
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high school art teacher from aleppo. her three-year-old son, mohammed jan, and her husband, abdeqaden, who filmed their dangerous journey. we first met them in turkey before they set out. they fled syria two years ago after their home was bombed. but they told us there's no regular work for syrians in turkey, so they borrowed $2,000. do you know how to swim? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: why have you decided to take such a big risk? "we can't live in syria, and we can't live here," tanya told us. "for the safeco our son, we need to leave." the family gave us permission to follow them as they tried to reach greece. so far, they've had good luck. the water is fairly calm today,
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but the boat is overcrowded, and the greek coastline is still around five miles in that direction. but just after that, an unmarked speed boat arrived from greek waters. abdeqaden told us there were five men dressed in black who pointed guns at the syrians. so he hid his camera. ( screaming ) >> reporter: the men then cut the fuel supply to their motor, leaving terrified men, women, and children adrift in the open sea. we saw them do the same to five other boats. eventually, the turkish coast guard came to the rescue, and we helped tow the boat to safety. tanya and her family didn't make it to greece today, but they're still alive and told us they'll try again as many times as it takes to reach europe.
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>> o'donnell: holly, incredible reporting. do we know, was it the greek coast guard that interfered? >> reporter: well, norah, we contacted the greek coast guard, and they didn't admit that their men did this, but they wouldn't deny it either. we've been told, though, of several similar incidents in which the greek greek coast guard allegedly sabotaged refugees' boats to prevent them from reaching europe and endangering the refugees' lives in doing so. >> o'donnell: this will have big implications. holly williams on the turkish coast. thank you, holly. president obama reached a milestone today. he's down to his final 500 days in office. hillary clinton, who hopes to succeed him, has another number to worry about. a new poll of democratic voters shows her support has fallen 10 points in the past month to 42%. vice president joe biden, chois not even in the race, sup10 points, followed closely by senator bernie sanders.
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nancy cordes is in salem, new hampshire. nancy, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, norah. and those numbers likely have a lot to do with a major about-face by clinton today who said for the first time, she's sorry for using a private e-mail address and private server as secretary of state. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> reporter: those comments to abc news marked a shift for clinton, who just yesterday told the a.p., ""when i defense allowed. it was allowed by the state department." but with her poll numbers falling, clinton is looking to turn the page and to lighten things up. she taped an interview with ellen degeneres today, and will hit the "the total show." they are trying to match the exuberance surrounding bernie sanders, whose progressive message has thrilled many democrats who don't seem to mind
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that he calls himself a socialist. >> people are saying you know, he's right. maybe we do have to deal with income and wealth inequality. >> reporter: it'st all has to do with a presidential race that isn't playing out the way anyone thought it would, with two nonpoliticians, donald trump, and ben carson, eating into support for former g.o.p. favorites. >> i want to flatten the tax code. >> reporter: like florida senator marco rubio. we caught up with him in keene, new hampshire, today. there's clearly an anti-establishment mood out there. how do you convince voters that your kind of experience matters? >> welling, first of all, i had to fight the establishment. i wouldn't even be here today if it was because of the establishment. they didn't support me in the senate race. that being said i do think the next president noodz to be someone who has real solution. >> reporter: he and others are trying to convince voters that they, too, have a claim to outsider status, and that they get washington is broken. that is a message that plays well here in new hampshire, norah, where nearly three in 10 republicans now say they're
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supporting trump for president. >> o'donnell: all right, nancy cordes there in new hampshire. thank you. united states airlines c.e.o. jeff smisek abruptly resigned today along with two other top executives amid a federal corruption investigation involving new jersey politicians. justice correspondent jeff pegues is following this. >> reporter: this is a major shake-up for the country's third-largest airline. the company has been embroam broiled in investigations with new york and new jersey port authority which runs new york airports and bridges. at issue is whether airline executives tried to curry favor with port authority official jamedavid samson. according to reports, sam son joked at a with united executives that adding that flight would help his family travel to his wife's south carolina home. at the time, united was seeking approval for millions of dollars in improvements at newark airport. the columbia airport confirms the flights existed from september of 2012 to april of
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2014. they stopped shortly after sam son resigned, amid the so-called bridgegate scandal. it was alleged at the time that sam son and aides to new jersey governor chris christie oh, straight lane closures on the george washington bridge as political retaliation toward local officials. norah, christie has not been directly implicated in the bridgegate scandal but his presidential ambitions took a hit. >> o'donnell: all right, jeff pegues, thank you. the city of baltimore reached a tentative settlement today with the family of freddie gray, the black man mortally reinjud in april while in police custody. if approved, they'll receive nearly $6.5 million. that is more than the city paid to settle 102 other recent police conduct cases combined. pope francis is making it faster, simpler, and far less expensive for catholics to annul their marriages. more on that now from elaine quijano. >> reporter: in 2007, cylvia,
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who didn't want her last name used, tried seeking an annulment, a decree by a catholic church tribunal that her marriage of invalid. it took three years. did you struggle at times through the annulment process? >> oh, ydefinitely, yeah. i-- i-- i think that anyone going through this process would struggle. this is not an easy decision. >> reporter: under the new rules announced today by pope francis, couples will only need one judgment, not two, from a church tribunal, and local bishops will now have a fast-track procedure to decide straightforward cases. the pope said he made the decision so "the heart of the faithful may not be oppressed for a long time by the darkness of doubt." the pope's decision comes just weeks before his visit to the u.s. candida moss teaches theology at notre dame. >> this is something that has a really big impact in the lives of american catholics so he's really addressing a particularly catholic issue and one that affects women before he comes to the united states.
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you might say that he's sort of clearing the debris out of his path as he prepares his journey here. >> reporter: in 2012, nearly half of all catholic annulment requests worldwide came frt uniteunited states. cylvia believes the pope's decision sends a welcoming message. >> i know a lot of people who fell away from the church because of this very issue, and to me it's just sad because it didn't need to happen. so now with this new ruling, i foresee a nice spiller revival that i hope will happen. >> reporter: the pope also called for eliminating annulment fees. norah, his decision does not change church teaching that marriage is the permanent union between a man and a woman. >> o'donnell: all right, elaine, thank you very much. in many parts of america today it felt more like july than september. the temperature reached triple digit in california, arizona, and texas and records fell in the northeast.
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88 in the mountains of pennsylvania, 96 in boston, and nephrite here in new york city. not exactly tennis weather, though it's fitting perhaps as the hottest rivalry in tennis is renewed tonight at the u.s. open in new york. >> reporter: 14 years ago today, serena and venus williams faced off in the u.s. open final for the first time, a dream sibling match-up the younger sister predicted when she was still in braces. >> you want to be the best that you want to do at your own sport, then you have to prepare for this type of tension. >> the champion of the 2001 united states open, venus williams. >> reporter: then venus office top. now, serena's the top seed and vying for the sport's grand slam to win all four major tournaments in one year. the person standing in her way? >> no one's out to be a spoiler,
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but at the same time, you're focused on winning your match, even though the circumstances are really much different than usual. for me, the only player in the the draw i don't want to play, not only because she's my sister, but because for me she's the best player. >> reporter: serena has won 15 of their 26 matches, but the elder williams has beaten her sister more than any other player in this tournament. tennis legend billie jean king has followed their entire career. what would be better for women's tennis, a serena win or a venus win? >> oh! i don't know. i think either way would be unbelievable. you would have a spoiler in venus if she wins-- "sis, i kept you from getting all four majors in the same year." or what's great for the sport is occasionally having someone like serena that wins all four majors. >> reporter: now, the williams sisters hold 28 major titles between them, but, norah, if serena wins this year's u.s.
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open, she will also tie steffi graf single-season record of 22 major wins. >> o'donnell: michelle miller, very exciting, indeed. thank you so much. all right, some of the biggest swings in new york have been on wall street. today, the market rallied. the dow soared 390 points, more than wiping out fridays' losses. the hunter who killed cecil the lion faces a gauntlet of protesters as he returns to work. sharks invade the california coast. and it's opening night for stephen colbert when the cbs evening news continues. there's only one egg that just tastes better. with 10 times more vitamin e. and twice the omega 3s. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. terry bradshaw? what a surprise!
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>> reporter: dr. walter palmer returned to work this escorted by a body guard who kept the crush of camera crews from stopping him. >> he will never forget what you did! >> reporter: cathy pierce was one of the first protesters to show up. clearly, the dennist had touched a nerve. >> he's despicable. he's-- he's a killer. he's a murderer. poor cecil. i mean, how many lions do we have left? you have to kill them all? >> reporter: palmer has repeatedly claimed no one in his hunting party knew who the lion was. >> blood money! >> reporter: as people entered his office today, protesters tried to guilt them into turning back. no one did. >> how is an animal more important than human life? >> reporter: stephanie mcchaelis is a bloomington resident who defended dr. palmer. >> i have concern that there is no priorities in this country as far as what human dignity is, and we're worried about a lion
6:49 pm
and you want to shut down some man's business who paid to go on a safari. >> people-- >> many people pay for this kind of stuff. >> you have a big mouth, but you won't let anybody else talk. >> reporter: as you can see, it got pretty heated. dr. palmer, by the way, disputes the report claiming he paid $500 for the hunt that led to the death of cecil. but, norah, he insists he and his family have paid dearly for the public humiliation that followed. >> o'donnell: quite a scene out there. david, thank you very much. in a moment, a milestone for washington's panda cub. ats mother nature can turn in an instant; sfx: drum beats don't turn back. ♪ introducing the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ this is my fight song...
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6:53 pm
washington's panda cub is growing before our eyes. new photos released today show its black and white fur is growing in, and he weighs just under a pound, three times more than when he was born two weeks ago. the cub'size won't open for at least another month. a lot of eyes will be on cbs tonight for the opening of the new "late show" starring stephen colbert. that story is next. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea...
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(children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> >> o'donnell: it is the most-anticipated broadway opening of the year. stephen colbert arrived today at the ed sullivan theater for his debut as the new host of the "late show." his guesttonight include republican presidential contender jeb jeb bush, and actor george clooney.
6:57 pm
mo rocca of "sunday morning" talked to the new star in the night sky. >> i thought, i wonder if i'll ever make it to broadway. well, i made it. >> reporter: stephen colbert has, indeed, made it to broadway. will you greet the guests before they come on stage? >> yeah. >> some hosts don't. >> some hosts don't. i got in the habit of doing it at the old show because i wanted to say, "hey, the guy you're about to eat is a complete idiot and a well-intentioned poorly informed high-status idiot." >> reporter: the poorly informed, high-status idiot he is referring to is stephen colbert. from "the colbert report." it was a caricature of a blowhard conservative pundit. >> there is one firework that will never be too dangerous for texas. this kind. it is i guess flattering that people thought i was an actual pundit or newsman eventually over the years, but it's really
6:58 pm
nice to not have to pretend it anymore. >> reporter: so what's the goal with the new show? the goal is have fun with my friends, and, you know, that means sometimes talking about things that you care about. >> reporter: what stephen colbert cares about will be even clearer on the new show. he'll be doing 200 of them each year. how soon, once it starts, are you totally in it? do you lose-- >> seconds, seconds, yeah, seconds. first joke, how about that? the first joke. >> reporter: right. >> first laugh. first laugh. because that's drug right there. >> o'donnell: and you know there will be a lot of laughs. you can see colbert's "late show" debut tonight right after your late local news here on cbs. and that's the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm norah o'donnell, and i'll see you first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning," good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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a controversial takedown by local police of a suspect high on pcp. i'll show you the graphic and disturbing video coming up. >> the wait is almost over as the "the late show with stephen colbert" debuts tonight. we have a live report outside the theater. new video of the baby panda and the cub's health. >> first at 7:00 , taser hit, pepper spray, knocking down in northwest d.c. thank you for joining us. his encounter with police inside mcdonald's is caught on camera and police are explaining how he handled it. >> reporter: the controversial police takedown of 40-year-old marcus moycherielli has gone


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